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Summer Deck Maintenance Tips

Summer is an arduous time for homeowners, and deck maintenance is included in the to-do list. The weather wears out your deck, and we would love to give you some tips to help you take care of your deck. In this blog, we will go over a few steps you can take that will make your summer deck look fresh and new.

Washing your deck

deck power washing

Before you start, getting your deck as clean as possible is important. As soon as the warm weather breaks, give your deck a good sweep. You can also check for debris falling through the boards with a putty knife. Next, wash your deck. You want to remove any dirt or mold that’s accumulated over time.

Power washing your deck can help remove dirt build-up on the grimiest of decks. It can also help you clean in between the boards. Before doing any other maintenance on the deck, ensure it has a whole night to dry. Try to avoid using the deck until it is thoroughly dry after cleaning.

Seal your deck

deck sealing

Sealing or staining can preserve the look of your deck and protect it against water and sun damage. 

Decks need to be dried entirely and sanded before sealing. This is a 2-day project, so ensure your weather forecast does not predict rain.

Choose between a solid or semi-transparent stain. A semi-transparent finish is optimal, but solid stains can emphasize details like railings.

Using a roller, seal your deck with two thin coats of stain, ensuring it doesn’t puddle. If you opt for a spray stain, make sure to cover any nearby plants or furniture adequately.

Replace loose or popped nails

replace loose nails

Loose nails can be pried out with a hammer and replaced with a new nail using a screw.

Hammering a nail back into a hole is fine, but it’s only a temporary fix. Eventually, you’ll have to replace it again. That’s because the hole has become larger.

Use nails the same size as the nails in your deck—just hammer in the replacement nail close to the hole.

Then, insert a deck screw so that its head covers the top of the nail. This will prevent the nail from popping out in the future. You can smooth over the rest of the hole with putty to cement the nail and deck screw further in place.

Remove split or rotting wood

split and rotting wood

A split board on your deck looks terrible and can increase the chances of catching splinters. This is also an excellent time to check for wood rot. Repairs are essential to the durability and safety of your deck.

To remove a split board or a board that’s rotted, first, you want to mark the damaged area. Doing so will help you size the replacement board. You can also cut to size. Then, remove the split board’s nails or screws using a jigsaw power tool. Once this is done, you can install the replacement board. Make sure the nails or screws are thoroughly in place before sanding.


Routine deck maintenance can be tedious. You can do simple tasks to ensure your hard work doesn’t go to waste. To prevent stains, it’s important to sweep your deck regularly. Accumulated dirt and debris will stain your deck. Sitting water is also not suitable for the boards. Keep in mind the chemicals you use near your deck.

We hope to have the necessary tools and information at your reach. You can always contact us for professional deck maintenance or repair services.

Deck Staining

Decking Material For New Deck

Today, there are many decking options you can choose from, and the variety keeps increasing. With so much variety, you’re only limited by your budget. 

If you plan to build a new deck, you might have realized that with so many options, it’s challenging to pick just one. Before, the only available materials were a few kinds of wood. But today, there are a dozen or more types of decking materials, including hardwood, plastic, and lumber decking, to name but a few. 

Let’s look at the various decking materials to help you make an informed decision.

Cedar and Redwood

Deck Sealing Deck Staining

Deck Staining or Sealing After The Winter

Chicago’s winters can be harsh on wooden decks surfaces between the below-freezing temperatures and the frequent snow and ice. Boards may rot, metal bolts may rust, and protective lacquers can wear away over time. 

As spring approaches, outdoor gatherings start to become an everyday reality. It’s essential to make sure your deck is in top repair, not just for aesthetic reasons but also for the safety of your family and guests.

To cover up the ravages of winter and protect your porch from the spring rains, contact the best local deck sealing company. Deck Doc provides expert deck staining and deck sealing services. 

Deck Staining Home Maintenance

Deck Maintenance Tips and How To Extend Life Of Your Deck

Are you the proud owner of an outdoor wooden deck? If so, then you’re probably familiar with the work it takes to maintain and care for such a large structure. While most people choose wooden decks because they add a nice aesthetic touch to their home, the materials you choose for your deck can make all the difference. It will determine how long it will last without maintenance and how much care it will need between staining or sealing treatments. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your deck looking its best over time.

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Winter Deck Maintenance Tips

The first snowfall of the year is always enchanting. However, when your deck isn’t ‘winterized,’ you’re looking at damage and repairs once springtime comes around. Taking preventative measures is the easiest way to ensure its longevity and prevent costly repairs. Here are five-deck maintenance tips to get ready for springtime.

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Owning a property with a deck is many people’s dream. They can be great for summer parties, BBQs, or other outdoor activities. However, many people struggle to maintain their outdoor spaces due to the risk of issues like wood rot. There are four easy steps to take that will help to keep your deck clean and in good condition. Read on to learn more about the importance of deck staining, managing deck power washing, and other important information.

Deck Staining Home Maintenance

What Is the Best Material for Wooden Decks?

What’s the best material for wooden decks? Honestly, there’s no wrong choice. There are advantages and disadvantages no matter which type of wood you choose.

Some are cheaper upfront but are less durable compared to other options. Thus, they cost more in the long run.

Some wooden decks are just expensive, period. But then, the appearance of these expensive decks might be exactly what you’re looking for.

The point is, there is one ideal material that is the best fit for you—the right look, the right cost, and the right amount of maintenance. And we’re going to help you find it. In this guide, we compare the pros and cons of each type of wood decking. And we teach you what factors to consider when making your choice. To discover the ideal wood for your deck, read this comparison.

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6 Ways to Tell If Your Deck Repairs Require a Professional Solution

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Deck Staining

8 Deck Staining Tips You Need to Know

Is there anything more satisfying than the look of a brand new, even-colored wooden deck? As a homeowner, an outdoor deck is a great way to add value to your home, but if your deck is looking tired, old, and worn down, it could also detract from its value. If you can’t bear to look at the old, faded, and stained wood of your outdoor deck any longer, it’s high time for a thorough deck clean and stain. And yes, this task can be DIY’d — all you need is a little time, patience, the right equipment, as well as a few handy deck staining tips which you can find in the rest of this blog.

Deck Sealing

5 Deck Sealing Tips You Need to Know

Homeowners who have a deck often think of it as an additional room outside their home. Our decks get just as much use as the family room when the weather is nice. Deck sealing can help you prevent wear and tear from the harsh elements and keep your deck looking beautiful for years to come. If you are looking to seal or stain your deck, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these five-deck sealing tips to ensure you are sealing your deck properly.